If the Buyer wants to use the right of restitution that by Estonian Laws is 14 days Zmartone will repay the purchase sum back within 14 days after receiving the Restitution Application and the goods.

The Restitution Application has to be sent to and the goods have to be returned to the Seller to Laki 32-302, 12915 Tallinn or Isokaari 22, 00200 Helsinki.

The Restitution Application must include the date of the purchase, Buyer’s name and contact data, the Purchase Invoice number as well as the reason of the restitution.

Returned goods cannot be damaged or used. The goods have to be in original package and have the Goods orginal labels. The goods that have been made or customized specifically to the customer cannot be returned. Returning the goods might include extra costs for the Buyer.

The rights for the 14 day restitution is applicable only for private customers.