Smart Care solution looks after families and their loved ones. We are taking seriously society’s need for solutions
that help to take better care of elderly people and individuals with special needs.

Our solutions provide help to the families that make their everyday life easier and safer and support individuals independent way of living.

The development of Smart Home devices has created new opportunities to help people in a special need. Numerous activities that used to be troublesome or unhandy have become simple and convenient.

It is possible to find a personal Smart House solution for each individual no matter the disability to change his or her life easier. We have dedicated one of our main field activity to provide solutions for those on Home Care

Advantages of Smart Home provided by Zmartone:

  • All devices are simple to install and modify
  • Subsequent IT support service is available
  • Most devices are controlled and managed via mobile phone (it has very user-friendly interface no matter what are person’s pervious experience or abilities)
  • All devices and sensors can be configured to send alarm both locally and remotely to pre-determined persons (relatives, social workers etc).

No demolition

The installation requires no structural alterations.


Controllers are designed based on current design trends.


The ability to move the wireless switch anywhere is a real advantage. Are you moving? Your installation goes with you.


Up to five adjustable time programs can be defined in a single day.


With a single button/touch, it is possible to activate multiple commands at once according to the given situation or desire.


The system can easily be expanded to include new units and functions.

Central and remote monitoring

Whether you are at home or away, your home remains under the constant control of your smartphone.


By proper regulation of the temperature and linkage of home technologies, you can achieve substantial savings.


All functions take place in the background without bothering you. The system monitors, regulates, economizes and controls.


The built-in alarm not only watches for burglars, but also for gas leaks or fires. Besides this, it could monitor basement heating, frozen rain spouts, or children via video cameras.


Control of light scenes with a single touch, the option of expanding and modifying what you want to control.

Smart Solutions for home, office and hotel