Smart Home technologies are becoming essential part of our daily lives. With the help of the newest solutions and technological advancements we are able save money and time, protect our possesions and live more comfortable life.

When we optimize heating and use the of electrical appliances we don’t only save a lot of money but we also make living more sustainable.

Home is the center of our lives. Protecting your home with smart sensors and cameras is easy way to make your home safer place to live for our families.

Smart Home devices that work automatically make our lives easier and more comfortable.

“Every day we do our best to find the right solutions to answer the needs of modern day living.
Whether it is about saving energy, making things safer and more comfortable or just choosing ecological way of living, our goal is to put extra value in every solution we provide. Zmartone products are modular and scalable and they work well from small flats to large hotels and office buildings. ”

In Zmartone we like to think big. We want to give our customers the best home automation systems with heating, lighting and security solutions, but we also offer energy and water consumption meters, intercom and access systems. With our partners we also provide installation of solar panels and wind turbins.

We have solutions for all Smart House needs in our portfolio.

Zmartone also offers full support, service and maintenance of the Smart Solutions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation and quotation for you project. The more detailed information we have about your needs the more precise solution we can provide.

Smart Solutions for home, office and hotel


- by efficient heating or AC regulation you can attain savings of up to 30%
- dimming lets you save around 15%
- further savings: linking appliances, time switching, weekly mode, detectors


- the system includes detectors of motion, smoke and open windows
- you can create an alarm to protect your property and loved ones


you can control comfortably from a controller in the pocket or smartphone
- by pressing a single button, you perform several commands at once
- you need not worry about switching things off - they switch automatically or based on fulfilling a condition


integrated video cameras provide a view of what is happening at a location you are currently away from
- events are recorded onto a log that you can view later
- you can connect from anywhere in the world and monitor your home in real time or from the recording


- everything is set up to function automatically
- weekly heating mode, blinds at dawn, lights at dusk
- the motion detector is not only for security, but detects the presence of persons for other functions as well


option of adding more devices
- change in functions by simple readjustment
- settings and management remotely without needing to arrive on site


- the main aim of the system is to offer single controller for all the technology
- the technology also cooperate witch each other which is very effective


The built-in alarm not only watches for burglars, but also for gas leaks or fires. Besides this, it monitors basement heating, frozen rain spouts, or children via video cameras.